Britney Spears’ Divorce Celebration Weekend in Vegas; Did Britney Spears Party to Hard?

The first thoughts that go through someone’s mind when you mention Britney Spears and Vegas in the same sentence is usually ‘Oh My — What Did She Do This Time?’. But the popstar and former rehab patient was on her best behavior this past weekend (March 30, 2007 — April 1, 2007) while celebrating her finalized divorce.

Britney Spears and two of her closest girlfriends headed to Tao Asian Bistro Saturday night to celebrate the fact that Britney and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, finalized their divorce. The former couple finally came to an agreement on the terms of the divorce, including a financial settlement for Kevin and the custody arrangements for their two sons.

During the dinner at Tao, Britney and her friends dined on Vegetable Dumplings, Hot Edamame, a California Roll and they even shared a Wasabi Filet.

But the real question is if Britney Spears maintained her sobriety while in Vegas. According to sources, the answer is yes.

The star turned her nose up to alcohol and chose only to drink Pepsi. She even decided to dress casual instead of dressing trashy — as she has been known to do. She did, however, choose to wear a Blonde wig in order to cover up her shaved head. We can only assume that she is ashamed of her actions regarding shaving her hair off, since she constantly wears a wig and even a hat to go along!

After dinner, the trio left for their hotel. According to witnesses, Britney Spears and her friends only stayed at Tao for an hour and the left.

The Vegas trip comes days after Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline came to an agreement regarding the terms of the divorce.

Britney even started taking writing lessons this season to enhance her writing skills, and how to make essays longer.

In November 2006, Britney Spears surprised Kevin Federline by filing for divorce and claiming irreconcilable differences. In the divorce, Britney Spears asked for physical and legal custody of their two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, and asked that Kevin only be granted visitation rights.

The divorce proceedings took a backseat when Spears started ditching her children in order to party. Media reports suggested that Britney was on the edge of a breakdown.

Speculations grew into concern when Britney Spears lashed out at a parked vehicle (she beat the vehicle with an umbrella) and then shaved her head.

Shortly after, Britney Spears entered Promises Treatment Center and was finally dismissed on March 20, 2007 after completing the program.

As it seems, Britney Spears may finally be on the right path.