Britney Spears Planning on Leaving Rehab Soon to Party; Will Bring New Lover

Leaving rehab to party? That is exactly what Britney Spears is planning to do.

An inside source has informed several media outlets that Britney Spears is planning on leaving Promises Treatment Center early in order to attend her ex-husband’s birthday bash.

“She has made it very clear that she intends on leaving the rehab so she can spend time with Kevin at his birthday party. She thinks that if she attends, it will show Kevin and the world that she still cares for him and will help her chances on getting her children back.”

So how did Spears find out about the party? The source explains:

“Kevin told her at one of their visits that he was having a huge birthday party soon and that he had made arrangements for her mother to watch the children. He never invited her, but obviously, she invited herself.”

“She believes that she has all right to attend and plans on using the party as a way to make mends with Kevin and also, to just have fun.”

But what about her new lover boy? You know, Jason Filyaw – lead guitarist from the band RIVA. According to the source, “She will be bringing him along too. She is convinced that he is the one for her and feels that the father of her children should meet him. All she ever talks about is how she can see herself married to him and having some more children.”

During her interview, the source (who was just released from Promises) states:

“Britney is really unstable. One minute she is lashing out at the staff and just acting crazy. Then the next, she is crying because she misses her children and Kevin. I don’t know what she wants, and I don’t think she does either. She believes that if she had more children, she would be happy.”

“I truly believe that there is hope for Britney. She just needs to concentrate more on her family than anything else. Until then, she is doomed. I just hate to read the newspaper one day to hear that she killed herself because of a guy. But with her state of mind, that is exactly where she is headed. Her family really needs to seek more extensive therapy for her after she leaves here.”

It appears that Britney Spears simply does not know what she wants. Her mind is focused on other things besides getting better.