David Hasselhoff in Danger of Drinking Himself to Death

Hasselhoff drank himself in to a stupor. Succumbing to alcohol poisoning he was discovered by his 16 year old daughter Hayley and taken to the hospital by his ex-wife Pamela Bach who lives nearby in Hollywood, according to Radaronline.com and US Magazine Online.

We are all familiar with the 2007 home video of David Hasselhoff wallowing in and eating a hamburger, apparently so drunk he couldn’t get up off the floor.

At 56, you would think Hasselhoff had learned his lesson, but it became apparent Saturday, that he has not. By the time he reached the hospital, RadarOnline.com, reports that he was barely breathing and had a blood alcohol level of .39 percent.

Daughter, Taylor at the age of 18, endured his drunken hamburger-fest in 2007. This time, 16 year old Hayley had to endure the drama of finding her father near death.

David Hasselhoff’s behavior is not only killing himself, the impact of his drinking on his daughters must be traumatic. I can only imagine the heart pounding moments while Hayley waited for her mother to arrive to help her with her unconscious father.

Hasselhoff’s obnoxious drunken behavior is one of the reasons I can’t watch America’s Got Talent, a talent show in which participants are judged akin to those of American Idol, but with more diverse performances. I find it hard to take Hasselhoff seriously after having seen him wallowing in the floor back in 2007.

To know that the public disgrace, the emotional harm he is causing his family, and the physical harm he is causing his body doesn’t deter him from drinking saddens me.

Perhaps this time, having had what could have been a brush with death David Hasselhoff will get the help he needs. Reports vary, that this is between 8 and ten times Hasselhoff has been taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

According to reports, David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife, Pam, stayed by his bedside until 4am. I have to wonder how many times Pam has been the one to save his life. He should count his blessings that he has yet to be found dead of alcohol poisoning.


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