Lindsay Lohan Seen Partying with a “Jackass”

Everyone is talking about the Britney Spears drama show She is in the headlines for nearly everything that she does. Most recently we have learned about her partying going way too far, thus resulting in the former pop princess checking into rehab. She even went as far as to shave her entire head. All this drama about Spears has helped take away the negative spotlight that usually follows another celebrity. Since checking into rehab on her own, Lindsey Lohan has kept out of the media spotlight. It appeared that her hard partying ways may of been a thing of the past. Reports from last night show that she may be going down the wrong path once again.

Reporters were waiting outside to see what type of celebrities would step out of The Roosevelt Hotel. There is always a guarantee that several celebrities will make their way out of the hotel’s famed Teddy’s nightclub. They wait in hopes of seeing a story in the making or a pair of celebrities that are together, but not really together. Last night they were able to spot one of the oddest celebrity pairings in awhile. Lindsey Lohan was spotted leave the hotel with Steve-O, an individual who became famous for his “Jackass” stunts.

The left the club with all smiles. Lohan was driving her Mercedes that evening. She has the “Jackass” star hop into the backseat of her car and they drove off into the night. The fact that these two are hanging out is not the best news for Lindsey Lohan. Lohan has just checked herself out of rehab for her battle against alcohol and drug abuse. Steve-O is known for his hard partying ways. He has been seen carrying around marijuana and even taking “whip-its”. This is not a good situation for Lohan to be involved in.

Lindsey Lohan has tried incredibly had to fix her image. She has been constantly labeled as a hard partying actress that seemed to never care about her own well being. Checking into rehab was her opportunity to help fix her shattered public image. Now that she has been seen partying with Steve-O from “Jackass” there is sure to be more speculation on if she is back to her old ways.